Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

IS THERE ANYTHING better than the smile of a happy child? To a parent, not much comes close. An important part of keeping those smiles healthy and bright is regular visits to the dentist, so we want to offer some tips for parents who are bringing a child in for their first dental checkup. A good first visit helps establish a positive mindset towards the dentist and puts a child on the path towards lifelong good dental health habits and decisions.

Kids Can Get Dental Anxiety Too

One-third of American adults avoid going to the dentist because of dental anxiety, and it can affect kids too. Many things that are new can be scary for them, and they might already have a negative impression of the dentist’s office thanks to what peers and family members have told them. They are also very observant, so if Mom and Dad have dental anxiety, they might feel like they have a reason to be afraid of the dentist as well.

Tips for Helping Your Child Have a Good Perspective on Dentists

There are a few things parents can do to make sure their child comes to their first dental appointment with a positive, relaxed outlook.

Final Tip: Choose a Pediatric Dentist

One of the best things parents can do to introduce their children to professional dental care the right way is choose a pediatric dentist for them. A pediatric dentist has special training for working with children and kid-friendly offices. Starting out with a dentist who knows how to work with kids will help ensure that your child is comfortable and confident when going to the dentist.

Let’s make that first checkup a great one!

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