You and Me and The Baby Makes Three!

Two minutes ago, it was just you and your “significant other.” But then that second line showed up on the pregnancy test and you realize that baby makes three.  It’s such an exciting time for you. There’s announcement pictures to take, furniture and baby stuff to buy, birth plans to make. In all the stuff you have to do in the next nine months, don’t forget to make your dental appointment!

The dentist?! You know you have to go to your ObGyn, but why the dentist?  

It’s simple really.  The fluctuations in your hormones during pregnancy can affect the health of your teeth.  We always recommend that patients come twice: once early in pregnancy, and once closer to your due date.  The elevated levels of hormones can increase the plaque production on your teeth, which in turn can increase inflammation and gingivitis.  You may also develop pregnancy gingivitis or “tumors,” (small growths that can appear on the gumline in front of, behind, or between your teeth.)  While these are typically nothing to worry about, if they are too big or bothersome, they can be removed.

It’s Not Just About You

Dental health can affect the health of your pregnancy and baby as well. Gingivitis, or the inflammation that leads to gum disease, is linked to the risk of low birth weight, pre-term delivery, preeclampsia, and even miscarriage and stillbirth.  Although the research is not completely clear, it seems likely that these can be caused by bacteria that have easier access to infect your blood through the inflamed points along your gumline.

Once your test shows two lines, turns blue, or says “+” your world will never be the same. Give your child the healthiest start possible. Make and keep all your medical appointments, eat healthy, and come see Dr. Amir Jamsheed at Encino Dental Studio!

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