Wisdom Teeth Removal in Older Patients

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Older Patients

For most people, having your wisdom teeth out usually happens between the ages of 17-25. Your dentist can assess how those third molars are coming in: straight or at an angle, and if there’s enough room in your jaw. Teeth that are not impacted or developing atypically can be left in the mouth to come in on their own. It’s the wisdom teeth that are actively causing problems can - and should be - removed!


Occasionally, wisdom teeth will be left to grow in naturally. Most of the time, they come in with no problem. But sometimes complications do occur. A third molar that is not removed and does not grow in can develop a cyst around it, causing infection and severe pain in the jaw requiring surgery. As an adult, you may have a harder time healing from associated infections, or it may cause a cascade of other health events if not treated.

Gum Disease

Not only can a wisdom tooth cause a cyst, it can also cause gum disease (periodontitis,) which is an infection of the gums and bone around the tooth. The tissues will experience inflammation and deterioration as it spreads deeper into the jaw. If not treated, the infection will damage the adjacent teeth as well.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

At Encino Dental Studio, we recommend scheduling a checkup every six months. This is enough time to see a problem developing and intercept it while it’s still in the earliest stages. Digital x-rays and a cleaning with an exam will help us evaluate the state of your teeth, jaw and gums. Without regular dental care, a wisdom tooth can develop aggressive infections and cause plenty of pain and problems down the road. Schedule your next visit with Dr. Jamsheed to have all of your Encino wisdom tooth questions answered!

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