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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your 6 Month Cleaning

Did you know that people with healthy teeth and gums need to schedule their checkups at least twice per year? Here are just a few benefits of keeping your six-month cleaning appointments.

It Keeps Your Breath Fresher

Tartar buildup takes about 24 hours to calcify on your teeth. Each day you don’t floss, smaller layers of tartar accumulate. This buildup harbors odorous bacteria and contributes to gum infections, both of which contribute to halitosis. Plus, our hygienists can show you areas that may be harder to access and discuss easier ways to clean them. It’s a win-win for fresher breath!

Gum Disease Isn’t Reversible

Gingivitis — which is minor puffy gums and redness — can usually be reversed within two weeks of great home care and flossing. But once tartar buildup calcifies on your teeth, it contributes to aggressive gum disease and bone loss. At that point, you can’t clean the buildup off and there’s no way to re-grow the bone. The best solution is to keep up with your regular cleanings before problems start.

It’s Meant to be Preventative

One of the reasons why most dental insurances cover your cleanings at 100% is because they’re preventative in nature. Preventative care means less treatment and lower dental costs in the future. They save you money, but they also help save your smile from unnecessary treatment. If it’s helpful and covered, why not take advantage of it?!

We Can Spot Issues Earlier

When we screen for cavities more often, Dr. Jamsheed can intercept them at their earliest stage. This leads to smaller and more affordable fillings instead of emergencies, root canals, or crowns.

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