Why You Should NEVER Self-Medicate a Toothache

Does your tooth hurt? Do you feel a throbbing, dull, or sharp ache radiating from somewhere in your mouth? You might be tempted to just shrug it off and pop some pain relievers to see if it goes away. For a while, it does. But then it just flares back up again and feels even worse.

Teeth are weird, sometimes. Toothaches may even go away and seem to not come back. But here’s the kicker: Tooth infections (like cavities or an abscess) don’t resolve on their own.

So, even if you’re self-medicating with Motrin or Tylenol, the pain might seem to get better but in reality, it isn’t. What you need to do is have the source of the infection treated before it gets worse.

If Consistent Toothaches Gradually Go Away, Don’t Let Your Tooth Fool You

The nerve could actually be dying and not transmitting those pain sensations, while the infection is getting worse around it.

Treat Issues Earlier, Rather Than Later

Early interceptive dental care not only stops toothaches from recurring, but also restricts the infection from spreading. That way the restoration (such as a filling) can be smaller and fewer teeth are involved. That’s right - cavities can “jump” to adjacent teeth, leading to even more damage!

In Pain? Call Our Encino Dentist

Encino Dental Studio provides attentive, personalized dental care that’s focused on
conservative treatment and pain relief. We want you to feel comfortable, so that means we’ll recommend the best treatment for your specific tooth. The key is to get to our office as soon as symptoms flare up, not weeks or months down the road. But even if that’s the case, we can help!

For a gentle, honest dentist in Encino, call our office today. Dr. Jamsheed is currently accepting new patients.

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