Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

You haven’t been to the dentist in years, but your tooth is starting to bother you. After the checkup, your dentist in Encino tells you that you need a root canal. Can’t you just treat it with antibiotics and go on your way?


Not exactly.

An Infection Inside of Your Tooth

Root canal treatments are only recommended with the inside of a tooth is dying or infected. This can be caused by a cavity or crack that allows bacteria inside. Treating it with an antibiotic will eliminate initial bacteria levels, but it wouldn’t keep them from returning. Instead, you need to have the root canal completed so that the tooth doesn’t destroy itself from the inside.

 Watch for signs of:


 Don’t Cover it Up

What if you put a filling or crown over the tooth instead of having the nerve treated? Well, with time this would lead to the swelling nerve finding another outlet to drain…causing an abscess along the gumlines. It’s best to remove the nerve completely and medicate the inside of the tooth with a root canal. Then, you can top the tooth off with a crown!

See a Dentist Quick

Ignoring your abscessed or cracked tooth will set you up for a dental emergency when you least expect it. These sorts of problems, unfortunately, don’t go away on their own. It’s best to treat the tooth from the inside-out, before you come to the point of having to pull it out completely.

Encino Dental Studio offers comfortable endodontic treatments. Most insurance plans are accepted! Are you looking for gentle root canals in Encino? Book a consult online today with our native SoCal dentist, Dr. Amir Jamsheed.

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