Who Should I Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation uses a medication that’s administered via an oral tablet, gas that you inhale, or an intravenous (IV) injection. Each type of sedation dentistry procedure will give you different results, but in general you’ll feel mentally and physically relaxed. Sedation dentistry has been safely used in Encino, California for many years and provided a countless number of people the ability to undergo dental treatments that may have otherwise not been possible for them to get through.

When To Consider Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is suitable for people in the following situations:

Easing the nerves and fears of patients is the number one reason that sedation is used.

Having the dentist’s hands or various tools in your mouth can often trigger a sensitive gag reflex. Sedation is often used to relax the body, which calms the gag reflex.

During a particularly lengthy procedure, it’s not uncommon for patients to get restless. When we’re working in your mouth, we need you to stay as still as possible. If you think doing so will be a problem, then sedation dentistry may be right for you.

People who struggle with TMJ disorder or arthritis may not be able to open their mouth as wide as we need them too. Also, keeping your mouth open for a long period of time can make your jaw tired. Sedation dentistry helps to relax your jaw muscles so that we can have enough working room, and it also helps prevent muscle soreness.

Choosing The Right Kind of Sedation Dentistry

If you’ve been delaying dental work due to any of the above reasons, let our Encino dentist know and we’ll gladly discuss your options and recommend the appropriate sedation for you.
Don’t delay your dental treatment any longer. Give Encino Dental Studio a call today.

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