Whiter Smiles For The Holidays!

Whether you have set of family pictures scheduled or back to back parties lining your calendar, you want to look your best. Your outfits are picked out and you have appointments set for your hair and nails. You’ve even pinned the different “must have” looks you plan to wear, on Pinterest. But have you examined your smile?

Some Whitening Hacks Are Worth It

A yellowing smile can be caused by red wine, coffee, tea, soda, or cigarettes. there are a few things DIY tricks you can try to help lighten those stains. One of the powerhouses behind a temporary at-home whitening treatment is baking soda.  It is a natural, non-toxic food ingredient that has is mildly abrasive and oxygenating when used in moderation. You can mix hydrogen peroxide with it to make a paste to brush over your teeth for a general whitening effect on short notice, to attack coffee stains. However, be wary of relying on DIY recipes as they could damage teeth and gums if used more than a few times.

Brighten Up By The New Year!

Even if at home remedies help you in the short term for the holidays, you should be aware their brightening effects typically don’t last very long. Encino Dental Studio can offer you an in-office treatment or a take home whitening kit that can change the shade of your teeth dramatically. In as little as two weeks, your smile will be more brilliant than ever.  Results can last as long as a year, especially with at-home treatment, since you can use it for ongoing touch ups.  Call Dr. Jamsheed’s office today and schedule your whitening treatment before the New Year!

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