When do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

The final set of teeth to form are the third molars at the back of your mouth. Usually we call them “wisdom teeth” because of how late in life they erupt (even if it is the teen years!) In most cases, wisdom teeth are fully developed by your mid to late twenties.

Because of their location in the back of the jaw, wisdom teeth have a higher likelihood of secondary problems. And when that happens, they can also jeopardize the health of the teeth next to them.

During your wisdom tooth exam, Dr. Jamsheed will screen for problems like:

Pain and Swelling — Wisdom tooth pain tends to come and go. If it becomes a consistent problem, it’s best to have your third molars removed.

Cysts — As teeth develop, they have a natural eruption cyst that forms around them. With an impacted wisdom tooth, that cyst could lead to complications.

Active Infection — Tooth decay and gum disease can easily spread into adjacent teeth. The standard of care isn’t to perform a filling or periodontal therapy on a wisdom tooth, but rather to remove the tooth so that it doesn’t continue to recur.

Crowded Teeth — The pressure that wisdom teeth create can lead to movement in your other teeth. If you wore braces in the past, this condition could be a serious concern. There may simply not be enough room for your wisdom teeth to come in

“Will I Need Oral Surgery?”

If Dr. Jamsheed believes it’s in your best interest to have your wisdom teeth removed, we’ll review the surgical process so that you can plan ahead. Encino Dental Studio offers in-house oral surgery as well as relaxation options to keep you comfortable.

Contact us today to reserve a wisdom tooth exam for you or your teen.

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