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What to Do If You Lose Your Invisalign Trays

Invisalign is an excellent braces option that allows you to have a nearly invisible orthodontic treatment in Encino.

With invisible orthodontic aligners, there’s no need to wear metal brackets and wires in your mouth. The Invisalign system works by using a series of clear dental aligners that look a lot like plastic retainers.

While Invisalign has a lot of benefits, the biggest burden may be the fact that you’re required to take them out to eat and keeping up with them can be a hassle. In fact, it’s not uncommon for younger wearers to say that they lost the current set of aligners at meal time.

Usually, they get thrown away in a napkin, on a lunch tray, or left on the sink somewhere.

Oh No, You Lost Your Aligners!

What exactly should you do if you lose your current pair of aligners?

The last thing we want is for your Invisalign treatment to get interrupted, so call your Encino, CA dentist right away.

We can help you decide if you should either go back to wearing the last pair of aligners (which you should always be keeping as a “just in case”), move ahead to the next set, or come in and see our Encino dentist. We may need to make you replacements for the aligners you lost.

Will Your Treatment Take Longer?

Many individuals that lose a tray are concerned that their Invisalign treatment will take longer than expected. While it’s true that the course may be altered a little bit, it’s usually only by a couple of weeks.

In order to ensure a delay doesn’t happen, it’s imperative that you contact us immediately to let us know about the mishap.

Invisalign In Encino, CA

If at any time you have any questions or concerns about your Invisalign treatment, feel free to contact Encino Dental Studio. We’re a certified Invisalign provider in Encino. We’ll ensure that you always feel comfortable and confident with your treatment and the results!

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