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What Is A Dry Socket and How Can I Prevent One?

When you have an extraction, the roots of your tooth are removed as well. This leaves you with a hole in the surrounding bone and an opening in your gums. Typically, a blood clot develops over this area and forms a protective layer.

A dry socket is a very painful condition that occurs when the blood clot didn’t form correctly or gets dislodged. Basically, what you have is exposed bone and even when you breathe in air, it will touch the bone and cause significant pain.

Preventing A Dry Socket

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent a dry socket, but most of the time there is.

To help prevent a dry socket you should:

1. Replace Your Gauze

When you leave our Encino, CA dentist office after your tooth extraction, you’ll have gauze in place over the surgical site. As it becomes saturated with saliva and/or blood, you’ll need to replace it. Before inserting more gauze into your mouth dampen it slightly with water. This will ensure that when you pull the gauze out, the blood clot doesn’t stick to it.

2. Don’t Smoke

Smoking can prevent a blood clot from forming or can dislodge it. Now is a great time to kick the habit.

3. Avoid Spitting

Forceful spitting can also make your blood clot come out. If you need to clean your mouth, lean over the sink and let the moisture fall from your mouth without any extra force.

4. Drinking Through A Straw

Suctions created by things like drinking through a straw should be avoided, because it can also dislodge the clot and cause a dry socket to develop.

Tooth Extractions in Encino, CA

We want to make sure that you have the best experience and fastest healing period possible after an oral surgery. If you experience any trouble from a tooth extraction, call our dentist in Encino.

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