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Traditional Dentures vs. Snap on Dentures

If it’s time for you to get a full denture in Encino, California then you may have the option of
deciding between a traditional appliance versus a snap-on denture. Here are some of the pros
and cons of each option.

Traditional Dentures

A conventional denture is a removable acrylic appliance that sits on your gums and relies on
suction to hold it in place. Typically, these full dentures work well for upper teeth since the roof
of the mouth holds them securely. Many people can also wear a lower denture (some may
need the help of some adhesive), but other folks lack the amount of bone ridge to keep a lower
set of teeth in place.

When a traditional denture can’t stay in place, it just floats over the gum and is constantly
moving, which causes gum soreness. In some cases, it’s very difficult to talk with them because
they fall out. It can also be extremely difficult to chew food.
As far as replacing all of your teeth goes, a traditional denture is the most economical way to go
and the process can be accomplished rather quickly.

Facts About Snap-On Dentures

A snap-on denture uses dental implants to help it stay in place. Typically, you’ll have a
minimum of two implants. The denture has clips inside of it that snap over the top of the implant

Snap-on dentures fit more securely, meaning you don’t have to worry about them falling out or
causing sore places on your gums. This appliance also has the advantage of a slimmer design,
meaning that we can remove the section that covers the roof of your mouth since we don’t have
to rely on suction anymore. Doing so will allow you to taste your food better, speak more clearly,
and it decreases strong gag reflexes.

Snap-on dentures are more expensive than conventional designs, especially if you require more
than two implants to hold the set of teeth in place. Also, if you don’t have enough bone, you may
not be a candidate for implants. Additionally, the process can take quite some time to fully

Which One is Right for You?

During your consultation, we’ll do an assessment to determine if you’re a candidate for either of
these procedures and help you decide which one is the best for you. It’s our goal to ensure that
you understand all of your options in order to make a well-thought-out and educated decision.
Call Encino Dental Studio, the office of Dr. Amir Jamsheed in Encino, California today.

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