Top Five Reasons to Get a Dental Implant

Today’s dental implants are one of the best ways to replace your missing teeth. Here’s why we recommend them for people who qualify for the procedure:

It Feels and Functions Like a Natural Tooth

There’s no other tooth replacement treatment that works the way dental implants do. An implant is modeled after the size and shape of natural teeth, making them both aesthetic and functional.

Implants Outlast Other Restorations

When you care for your implant as directed, you can expect it to last several decades, if not your entire life. Implants have a 98% success rate, which is higher than any other procedure.

It Preserves Your Facial Profile

With implants, your body doesn’t experience the same amount of bone shrinkage seen with missing teeth. As such, they help reduce the chances of shallow jaws or sunken-in facial tissues.

In short: implants help your facial profile look younger, rather than go through the premature aging process we see in traditional missing tooth cases.

It’s Non-invasive to Other Teeth

You don’t have to affect your neighboring teeth to install a dental implant. So, if you have healthy virgin teeth, dental implants are healthier than getting something like a fixed dental bridge to fill in the gap.

You Can Replace Any Number of Teeth

Implants are so strong that we can use them in pairs to support a multi-tooth prosthesis. You might only need four total to anchor an entire hybrid denture. You won’t necessarily need one for each individual missing tooth. But if just one tooth is missing, we’ll top your implant off with a crown so that it looks like a regular tooth!

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