Top 7 Not-So-Obvious Signs of An Abscessed Tooth

Some of the most obvious signs of a dental abscess are tooth pain, combined with temperature and pressure sensitivity. However, some symptoms aren’t as easy to pinpoint and can make you think something else is going on. These symptoms include:

1. Swollen gum tissue - When a tooth goes bad, an infection occurs at the tip of the tooth root and can start to leak through the gum tissue. As a reaction to the infection, your gum tissue may swell.

2. Foul odor and taste in the mouth - If you have an infected tooth that’s draining, then you likely won’t feel any pain from it but you may experience a bad taste in your mouth along with bad breath.

3. Headache - Your head has nerves that are so close together that it can make pain from an abscessed tooth extend into other areas (we call this “referred pain”).

4. Fever - Dental abscesses can get so bad that it becomes a systemic problem that causes you to develop a fever.

5. Nasal congestion - An infection on one of your upper teeth can get into your sinus cavity, causing nasal congestion and pressure.

6. Swollen lymph nodes - Tender, swollen lymph nodes under your jaw or in your neck can also be indicative of a bad tooth.

7. Jaw opening restriction - When swelling occurs as a reaction to your infected tooth, it can restrict you from being able to open your mouth as much as you normally would.

What to Do If You Notice Signs of a Dental Abscess

Treating a dental abscess on your own isn’t possible; our Encino dentist will either have to extract your tooth or perform a root canal on it. The sooner you get it looked after, the better your chances of being able to save your tooth. Call Encino Dental Studio at the first sign of a dental abscess.

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