Three Ways to Fix a Gap Between Teeth

“Diastema”. That’s the word we use to describe a gap between the two front teeth. Diastemas come in all sizes. Chances are you’ve noticed them on people like Madonna, Elijah Wood, Woody Harrelson, Georgia May Jagger, Michael Strahan, and Anna Paquin.

Some of us rock having a diastema between our front teeth, with the confidence of unique characteristics that set us apart from the crowd. For others, it’s a source of embarrassment and reason to not smile in photos.

If you’re considering “fixing” a gap between your two front teeth, here are three different treatment methods to consider:

Invisalign or Braces — Ideally, the best way to close up a gap between your front teeth is to bring all of your teeth into a proper alignment. That means using orthodontic therapy (whether it’s traditional braces or removable aligners) to reposition your teeth. Although orthodontics is the best solution, it obviously takes longer to achieve the look you want. Short term braces (“accelerated orthodontics”) could possibly be considered.

Dental Bonding — Tooth colored resin is shaped and bonded to the sides of your
teeth, building them out so that they look wider. The bonding agent is matched to the natural color of your smile. Getting your teeth bonded is a relatively quick and painless process. Numbing medication may not even be necessary.

Crowns or Veneers — If the gap between your teeth is significant, bonding may look too bulky. Instead it may be best to place matching crowns or veneers over your two front teeth as well as the ones next to them (four total), to recreate the overall shape of your smile.

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