Three Types of Smile Makeovers: Which is Right for You?

Three Types of Smile Makeovers: Which is Right for You?

Summer is here, and lots of people are getting make overs: Mommy makeovers and facials from the local med-spa, manicures and pedicures from the nail salon, new hairstyles and new clothes.  Why not make over your smile, too? It’s the only makeover that’s meant to last.

There are three common types of smile makeovers to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for!

Fast and Effective Teeth Whitening

At Encino Dental Studio, whitening can be performed in our office or you can take home a kit and whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.  The gel we use is a professional strength formula that breaks down stains and discoloration revealing beautiful white teeth underneath! You’ll see results in as little as 2 weeks, or on the same day with our in-house treatment.

Clear Braces  

If your dissatisfaction with your teeth comes from their alignment rather than their color, you should consider Invisalign clear orthodontics.  These trays are custom made to sit on your teeth and gently push them toward the right position.  While they work similarly to braces, you will see finished results in about 12 months. Plus, you can whiten your teeth at the same time!

Cosmetic Veneers (aka “Instant Braces”)

When tooth color, shape, and alignment are the issues you’re facing, you might want to consider veneers.  A cosmetic treatment alternative to braces or Invisalign, veneers provide an ultra-thin layer over the front of your teeth… creating a bright white smile in perfect alignment.  It's perfect to cover small gaps between teeth, or to conceal cracked or chipping, uneven enamel. They’re completed in about two visits.

While you do have options for your summer smile makeover, you also might have concerns.  Dr. Jamsheed will take the time to answer all of your questions.  Call our Encino office today to schedule your free smile makeover consultation to find out how you can finally enjoy a beautiful new smile! 

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