Three Signs You Need A Root Canal

From the moment you made the appointment, you knew the diagnosis. Decay has reached the root of your tooth, and you need a root canal.  You’re dreading it, but will it really be worse than the pain you’re already feeling? In the last several years, the procedure has become painless; in fact you will likely feel better than you do now. There are a few signs you need a root canal, and being prepared for one can make it less scary.

  1. Extreme pain in your tooth.  A minor toothache could mean an alignment problem, cavity, or normal sensitivity. But a major toothache, one that pressure makes relieves and then it gets worse, or one that keeps you awake at night means that the nerve is infected, inflamed, and exposed.
  2. Broken tooth.  You take a bite out of a piece of bread and your tooth breaks into pieces so small, you’re not sure if the dentist could put them back together. This kind of breakage indicates a deep cavity that has completely eaten away at the pulp of the tooth making it weak.  More often than not, the decay has gotten eroded through to the nerve.
  3. Swollen Gums. Sometimes, an infection in the root of your tooth will spread to the gum, causing swelling and a pocket of pus. The infection must be treated with an antibiotic before the root canal in order to minimize the pain and keep the bacteria from spreading.

During your root canal, Dr. Jamsheed will clean out the root of your tooth with tiny files and take impressions for a crown. In a couple weeks, you won’t even be able to tell which tooth was treated! If you’re having any of the symptoms mentioned above, call our Encino office today for emergency treatment!

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