The Truth About Root Canals

When it comes to root canal therapy, there are many common misconceptions that we hear
from patients in our Encino, California dental practice. We’re here to set the record straight and
tell you the truth about root canal treatment.

What Happens To The Root of Your Tooth

Contrary to what some people think, when doing a root canal, we don’t remove the root of the
tooth. In fact, what we’re removing is the nerve tissue that is within each root.

Root Canal Pain

A typical root canal procedure should not cause pain to the patient. Using a local anesthetic
(and some form of sedation if you prefer) will ensure that you don't experience any discomfort
during the procedure.

Root Canal as a Permanent Solution

When performed by a trained, experienced, and reputable dentist in Encino, a successful root
canal can last a lifetime. However, there are some factors that can compromise a root canaled
tooth. For instance, a cracked tooth, difficult nerve anatomy, or a severe infection could affect
the outcome of a root canal.

When There Is No Pain

While being in severe pain is often a dead giveaway that you need to have a root canal done,
feeling discomfort isn’t always a symptom.

For many patients, the nerve in the tooth dies, preventing you from feeling pain, or you may
have a pimple-like knot on the gum (called a fistula) which drains the infection and keeps you
from feeling pain. In this case, we turn to a dental x-ray of your tooth to spot the infection and
come to the conclusion that root canal therapy is the best course of treatment.

Who Is the Best Encino Dentist For Root Canal Therapy?

If you want the best chances of having a successful root canal, then Dr. Amir Jamsheed’s office
at Encino Dental Studio in Encino, California is a great place to start! Give us a call today to
schedule an appointment. We’ll help put your mind at ease about your smile’s needs.

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