The Difference Between Hot and Cold Sensitivity On Your Teeth

Many people struggle with having teeth that are vulnerable to temperature sensitivity. But what causes this condition and what can be done about it?

What Causes Cold Sensitivity On Teeth?

Typically temperature discomfort is most prevalent with cold foods and drinks. This occurs due to two main reasons. The first culprit could be gum recession, which may be a result of brushing too hard, grinding your teeth, or aging. Our gum tissue covers the roots of our teeth which aren’t meant to be exposed to temperatures. When this protective layer is no longer there, cold touches the root resulting in great discomfort.

Enamel erosion can also cause cold sensitivity. Enamel is the thin, white, outer layer of our teeth. Some people have weakened enamel which can be either genetic or brought on by consuming too many acidic drinks or overuse of whitening products.

What To Do About Cold Sensitivity

If you suffer from cold discomfort you may get some relief by using a sensitivity toothpaste. Dental products that contain fluoride are also good for protecting tooth enamel.

What Causes Heat Sensitivity On Teeth?

Heat sensitivity is much different than its counterpart. This condition is usually indicative of a nerve problem with one of your teeth.

What To Do About Hot Sensitivity

Heat sensitivity should not be ignored. Treatment will be needed to get this condition under control. If overlooked, the sensation will get worse and you may end up with a severe toothache and infection.

If we determine that your heat sensitivity is coming from a tooth that has a damaged nerve you usually will have two options.

The first choice will be to undergo root canal therapy which will remove the nerve tissue and save your tooth. The second option would be to take the entire tooth out (extraction.)

When To See A Dentist

You should visit a dentist if you’re experiencing cold sensitive and are having a hard time controlling it, or if you have any degree of heat sensitivity. Our Encino dentist is glad to do an examination to help you determine the cause of your discomfort and come up with a solution. Give us a call today.

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