Simple Extraction vs. Surgical Extraction

When having to get a tooth pulled, you may be told that the procedure will need to be a “surgical” extraction rather than a “simple” one. What does this mean to you, and what are the differences in the two procedures?

What Is A Simple Extraction?
During this method of removing a tooth, the roots, which are embedded in the bone, come out in one whole unit. Usually just applying pressure to the tooth, wiggling it, and lifting it out will remove it entirely.

What Is A Surgical Extraction?
Don’t let the term of this procedure scare you. Our Encino dentist is highly skilled and able to perform this kind of treatment as needed. During a surgical extraction, a small portion of the bone around the roots of a tooth will be removed with them. This is something this is very common when there is a large amount of decay, the tooth is broken badly, or the roots of the tooth are large, and/or crooked. Removing the bone gives us more leverage and the ability to maneuver the tooth, easier than if we were to just put pressure against it.

Tooth Extraction Recovery
Obviously, having a surgical extraction may take a few more days to heal versus a simple extraction. You’ll be given pain medication to take, and there will be specific post-op instructions that you should follow closely. Sometimes a bone graft will be needed to help rebuild the area where your roots once were (especially if you plan to get an implant.)

Tooth Extractions in Encino
If you need to have a complex extraction performed, you may not need to go to an oral surgeon. When you visit Encino Dental Studio, we’ll evaluate your teeth and determine if you can have your tooth removed in our office. We even offer sedation to help you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to schedule a hassle-free consultation!

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