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Side-Effects of Missing Teeth

Planning to have a tooth taken out? Did you lose a tooth due to an injury? Here are
some of the consequences of tooth loss and what can happen if you don’t replace it
quickly enough:

Crowding and Tooth Movement — Anytime a tooth is extracted, the extra space that’s created makes it possible for your surrounding teeth to start drifting out of place. Including the opposing teeth! A missing back tooth can even impact the alignment of the teeth at the front of your smile.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease — Once your teeth shift, they’re more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. Why? Because they’re more challenging to clean and prone to collecting more plaque buildup throughout the day. Even if you brush and floss regularly, those spaces may harbor residual food debris between meals.

Irregular Wear Patterns — When you’re chewing on the other side of your mouth
(because of missing teeth) or teeth have shifted, the pressure of biting and chewing is no longer evenly distributed across your mouth. Abnormal pressure patterns lead to enamel overuse, wear, and fractured teeth.

Broken Dental Work — Along with irregular tooth wear comes broken dental work. If your teeth aren’t meeting together properly (due to tooth movement) then the fillings and crowns in those areas may be at a risk of breaking.

TMJ Disorder — Finally, when you’re compromising your chewing patterns due to
missing teeth, it takes a toll on your TMJ. Daily irregular movements can eventually lead to joint deterioration or clinical TMJ disorder. Symptoms include pain, limited range of motion, and headaches or earaches.

Encino Missing Tooth Treatment

At Encino Dental Studio we provide a variety of treatments for missing teeth. Contact us today to reserve an exam to learn more about what’s possible. New patients are always welcome!

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