Sensitivity During Teeth Whitening Treatment

In Encino, California, some people can be more sensitive to teeth whitening treatments than others. In fact, some patients shouldn’t even be whitening their teeth, which is why it’s always best to consult your dentist before doing so.

Why Are Your Teeth Sensitive When Whitening?

When you have a teeth whitening consultation, we’ll check for the following conditions:

Cavities/Decay - If you have cavities, then we’ll recommend that you get those fixed before thinking about undergoing any whitening. Decay opens up your tooth and when you bleach, the gel seeps into your tooth and causes some serious discomfort.

Tooth Colored Restorations – Ceramic or white fillings and crowns in your smile zone won’t respond to bleaching agents (making them stand out.)

Gum Recession - When your gums recede, the root of your tooth becomes exposed, which is not what nature intended. Tooth roots are extremely vulnerable and sensitive to many things including brushing, sweets, coldness, and bleaching solutions.

What Can You Do to Help With Sensitivity From Whitening?

If you’re prone to sensitivity, our Encino dentist may recommend the following whitening advice:

Sensitivity Toothpaste - There are many kinds of sensitivity toothpaste available over the counter, but we suggest a prescription-strength formula that can significantly reduce your symptoms.

Cut Back on Frequency - If your bleaching kit recommends that you use it every day but doing so is causing a bit of sensitivity, then we may suggest that you cut back on the frequency and perhaps only bleach every other day or every third day.

Decrease Potency - Bleaching formulas come in different intensities. If you’re very sensitive to the average gel, then we may have you use a professional grade product that is less concentrated.

Teeth Whitening in Encino, CA

To get a professional whitening treatment that’s backed up by a knowledgeable and friendly staff (and the best results!) come see Encino Dental Studio. We’ll gladly recommend which product we think is best for you and help you throughout the process as much as we can. Call today!

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