Say NO to DIY Dentistry!

Say NO to DIY Dentistry!

We get it. You don’t want to go to the dentist. For a lot of people, there is an element of anxiety or fear of having someone with their hands in your mouth. For others, it’s more of a fear of having to pay for dental treatment without insurance. Regardless of your reasons for not seeing a dentist in Encino, you should know about the dangers of so-called “Do-It-Yourself Dentistry” (that supposedly keep you out of dentist’s offices) and how badly it can go wrong.

DIY Braces & Orthodontics

If your smile needs realignment, you may think that just attaching a couple rubber bands or ordering a clear aligner from the internet will solve your problem.  But the alignment of your teeth is delicate and involves bone, ligaments, and tendons. You need a qualified dental professional to make sure that those tissues and your alignment continue to work together well while they move. Rubber band use without the help of a professional has resulted in permanent tooth damage and loss, especially if they accidentally slip under your gumlines.

DIY Fillings

If you’ve ever had a bad cavity, you may know how annoying it can be. The solution is to get to an Encino dentist and have it cleaned and filled correctly. But all too often people with cavities pick up temporary filling kits at their local pharmacy and applying the temporary putty as a permanent fix. Unfortunately, this can cause worse problems under the material, as the decayed portion of the tooth is never completely removed. Infection and abscesses are more easily formed in such environments.  Fillings should be handled in a sterile manner with the appropriate – permanent – materials to treat the tooth.

Gentle, Quality Dentistry in Encino

Whether your dental anxiety stems from physical or financial reasons, you should never consider at-home dentistry to fix your problem. Call Dr. Jamsheed and schedule your appointment for professional care. We accept most insurance plans as well as major credit cards and CareCredit financing to help you afford the treatment you need, today!

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