Root Canal Therapy Gone Bad: Possible Reasons Why

Though we would all like to think that root canal therapy in Encino, California is a permanent solution for curing a tooth’s infection, that isn’t always the case.  While root canals do have an extremely high success rate, there are some complications that may cause them to fail. 

Reasons Why Root Canals Go Bad

A reoccurring infection signifies the failure of a root canal treatment. There are a few reasons why this may happen:

Nerve Tissue Not Fully Cleaned and Sealed

During a root canal procedure, the nerve canals are cleaned out and then sealed off, preventing germs and bacteria from reentering. If the canals weren’t completely blocked off, an infection can reoccur causing a root canal to fail.

Some reasons why the nerve tissue may not have been fully cleaned or sealed include:

A Fractured Tooth

Though the nerve of your tooth has been successfully removed, having a cracked tooth, even one with a hair-line fracture, can cause infection and mean that the tooth needs to be taken out.

Poor Oral Care

Neglecting your tooth by having poor oral hygiene, not getting regular dental cleanings or check-ups, having gum disease, ignoring decay and other dental issues, can all cause an infection to reoccur.

Root Canals in Encino, California

One of the keys to a successful root canal is having it done by a professional who has the skills and experience needed to get the job done correctly. You’ll find exactly that at Encino Dental Studio. So if you’re looking for a gentle root canal dentist in Encino, CA give us a call today!

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