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Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening

Getting professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home is easy and only takes the following simple steps:

Bleaching Process

Since bleaching isn’t for everyone, you’ll first need to come in for a brief consultation for our Encino cosmetic dentist to evaluate your teeth. If we determine that our professional at-home bleaching kit is right for your smile, then we’ll take impressions of your teeth. To do so, we’ll line a tray with a putty-like material which we’ll hold in your mouth for a few minutes to allow it to set.

Once we have a replica of your teeth, we’ll use the molds to make you a pair of custom-fit bleaching trays. They’ll be ready within a few days or so.

At your second visit, we’ll have you try in the trays to ensure that they fit properly. Then we’ll give you specific details on how to use the bleaching solution.

Typically you’ll start seeing a change in the shade of your teeth after a few days. Optimal results will be noticed within 10 - 14 days.

Teeth Whitening Tips

Before bleaching, you should brush your teeth so that the plaque on them doesn’t interfere and leave you with uneven results. But just brush with water, since fluoridated toothpaste helps block off the tiny pores in your enamel.

If you begin to experience tooth sensitivity throughout your treatment, you can temporarily use a sensitivity toothpaste to help relieve and prevent your symptoms.

Only a small amount of gel is needed in the tray. If you notice that there’s an overflow oozing at the gums when you insert the tray, that means you overfilled the tray. Be sure to wipe this excess gel with a tissue so that it doesn’t burn your gum tissue.

Start Bleaching Today

If you want to see what professional whitening can do for your teeth, then come to see the cosmetic dentistry team at Encino Dental Studio today.

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