Prevent Concussions With Your Dentist's Help

It’s Friday night and you’re at the football game.  Your son is on the field blocking and you are in the stands cheering! Until he ends up on the bottom of a pile. The cheers stop and all you can do is pray he’s okay.  

Your dentist can’t do a lot to prevent injury to the legs, arms, or torso. But it’s possible Dr. Jamsheed can help keep him from having a concussion!

How Can a Dentist Do That?

You probably already have a mouthguard for your child. Did you buy it at the local grocery or drug store?  You boiled it in water and had him bite down on it while it’s still pliable, right? The problem with a one size fits all approach to a mouthguard is that the appliance is both too bulky and not fitted enough.  

Research shows that concussions are more likely to happen in athletes with a generic type mouthguard. Since the plastic is thinner with more air pockets around the teeth, it doesn’t hold the teeth, jaw, and tissues as stable as a custom made mouthguard that would “cushion” the blow between the jaw and skull.

At Encino Dental, we can create a mouthguard that is thicker and fits the teeth more closely.  It will hold the mouth close, preventing additional trauma to the head.

All You Need is an Impression

Custom mouthguards are easy to care for: they just need to be cleaned after you wear them.  Keep them in the case they come in and don’t leave them in the car. Excess heat can melt or warp the appliance so that it no longer fits the right way.

Let us help protect your child - and you - from concussions.  Call today for a consultation with Dr. Jamsheed.

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