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Making the Most of Your Dental Insurance

Right now, we all have different hesitations. We may not feel comfortable walking into the doctor’s office for a checkup, or we may be one of those people who are more worried about a parent becoming sick than ourselves. A side-effect of this pandemic is that a lot of people are avoiding routine preventative medical and dental care, because they assume only sick people or emergency patients are getting treatment. As a result, underlying issues are going undiagnosed or worsening without them realizing it’s happening.

Fortunately, right now is a great time to safely see the dentist. Plus, your dental insurance covers most preventative care services at 100%. By taking advantage of your included benefits, you can schedule your exam and cleaning to intercept common dental issues as early as possible. That way you’re not in pain with an
emergency, months down the road.

Dental insurance hasn’t exactly risen with average inflation rates over the years. In fact, it’s remained about the same dollar figure since the 1970s (no, we’re not joking!) That’s why it seems like major treatments aren’t “covered” as much. Essentially, dental insurance is prevention based. You want to use it before you “need” it, so to speak. When you do, it lowers your risk of issues like gum disease, cavities, or broken teeth, which can all be costly to treat - depending on how long you wait to address them.

At Encino Dental Studio, Dr. Amir Jamsheed believes preventative dentistry is essential to having a healthy smile. By taking advantage of your preventative insurance coverage, you can make the most of your oral health and enjoy stronger teeth well into the future. The key to lower dental costs is prevention! Call us today to schedule your six month checkup.

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