Jump Start Your Cosmetic Treatment with Teeth Whitening

Your smile should light up your face and make you glow, but gaps, uneven lines, even yellowing can makes you self-conscious.

Cosmetic dentistry is one way that you can get a Hollywood smile. There are lots of options: veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding, and invisible braces.  If you’re considering any of these, talk to Dr. Jamsheed about whitening your teeth first.

Start Small

With most dental work, you want to start with the big work first before taking care of more minor issues: root canals and crowns before smaller cavities; restoration before cosmetic treatments. But when you’re planning to match cosmetic dental work to your existing teeth, you need to take care of whitening first.

Placing a crown put on over where you had a root canal? The dentist is going to make it to match your current color to your adjacent teeth. Placing veneers over a teeth that are small and misshapen? You don’t want it to be a different color from the neighboring teeth without veneers.   What about your teeth that are chipped? If the damage is small, you can have them bonded to cover the damaged area and match the tooth.  

Two Toned Teeth!

If you whiten your teeth after any of these procedures, your natural teeth will get whiter, but any cosmetic work will stay the same color it originally was. Your teeth will have two colors, which is not ideal! When you whiten first, you’ll be able to preserve your investment and your new smile instead of replace your recent dental work.

Make your appointment with Encino Dental Studio to start your cosmetic dental work right. Once your teeth are whiter, you’ll be able determine which color to choose for your other cosmetic work. Soon, you will be able to flash your sparkling smile with confidence and pride.

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