It’s More Than Just Snoring

Most people with sleep apnea think the main problem is their snoring.  It’s only when they, often begrudgingly, get a sleep study and begin treatment that the overall effect on their health becomes apparent. Moods get brighter. Energy increases. Blood pressure drops. Even weight becomes easier to manage. How amazing is it that little bit of uninterrupted sleep and oxygen can work such wonders!

Overall Health Effects

Obstructive sleep apnea takes its toll on your overall health.  The effects come in two ways: first from lack of oxygen and secondly from lack of sleep. Your heart, mind, nervous system, endocrine system… in fact just about every system of your body is affected in some way when you have sleep apnea.

Rest and Reset

The deep sleep cycles are the most restorative parts of sleep and your body needs them to rest, recover, and even repair damage. Sleep is your primary reset button and you need it every day. But when your body relaxes enough to start getting to the restorative stages, sleep apnea strikes. You can’t breathe, so your brain sends signals to wake you up. You never get the full reset that you really need to continue functioning at a high level.  The blood pressure and weight increase you experience makes your doctor label you as at risk for diabetes. He puts you on a statin for your hypertension and an antidepressant for your moods.

The Real Answer

A sleep study and treatment for sleep apnea helps with all these issues because it gets to the root cause. Treatment options are not limited to a C-PAP machine, but may also include an oral sleep appliance created by your dentist.  Dr. Jamsheed specializes in creating these appliances to help patients manage sleep apnea.  Call today to find out how he can help you!

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