It’s “Back to School” For Teachers, Too!

It’s “Back to School” For Teachers, Too!

For teachers, back to school has a whole different meaning than it did as a kid. It’s two weeks of in-service followed by meetings and meetings and more meetings. New schedules, new colleagues, new textbooks; new laws, new educational theories, new students. There’s a certain amount of excitement and anxiety that goes into getting ready for the new year.

If you’re going back to school to the front of the classroom, there’s a few things you can do to help you feel ready for the year:

  1. Get Your Teeth Checked: To have a healthy smile, you should get your teeth cleaned and examined every six months. Not only will it make your smile look fresh and bright, but you can find out if there are weak places or decay that needs to be treated. Having a tooth break or start hurting in the middle of first period would make for a hard day. Consider your six month check up as preventive maintenance for your mouth!
  2. Consider a whitening treatment!  Get a boost of confidence and a fantastic look to start the new year with. When you greet your new class, your clean, fresh smile will welcome even the most reticent new student.
  3. Get It Straight: If you’re teaching younger children, crooked teeth can be scary; in older students, they may become a point for them to pick on.  Having your teeth straightened doesn’t have to mean 18 months in braces. You can have a straighter smile in six to twelve months with Invisalign, and your students will never be the wiser!

Don’t let back to school time be full of anxiety and stress, at least not over your teeth. Dr. Amir Jamsheed can help you smile more confidently, more beautifully. Schedule your appointment with Encino Dental Studio today for a back to school cleaning and consultation!

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