Is It a True Dental Emergency

Is it a True Dental Emergency?

If you have a medical emergency, you know to go straight to the emergency room.  What if you have a dental emergency? Can you tell if it is a dental emergency? Do you have a plan?

Dental emergencies are typically caused by trauma to your mouth that results in bleeding, cuts on your lips and gums, cracked or broken teeth. The trauma could be caused by a number of different things: falling, getting hit in the face with a ball or hockey puck, eating very hard or sticky foods like popcorn kernels or caramels, trying to cut something with your teeth instead of scissors. The list goes on and on…

If your mouth is bleeding, you suddenly have a gap where a tooth used to be, or a sharp, jagged tooth cutting into your cheeks or tongue, you need to call Dr. Jamsheed – our dentist in Encino – immediately to have it seen.  

What about toothache and pain in your mouth or jaw?

Pain is never something to ignore – it’s your body trying to tell you something! When you have pain in your left arm, it could indicate a heart attack. Pain in your mouth could be an infected tooth or worse, an abscess.  

The thing about toothaches is that most of the time, they can be prevented by seeing your dentist regularly. At Encino Dental Studio, your preventive appointment includes a careful exam, cleaning, and imaging. We’ll be able to find and correct the small problems before they become larger and more expensive issues. If you know or suspect that you have a cavity, you need to get it fixed before it has the chance to get worse.

If you’ve had a traumatic accident, toothache or pain, you’ll need to make an appointment with our dentist in Encino as soon as possible. Dental pain only gets worse – never better. At our Encino office, we like to keep appointments open in case a patient has a dental emergency. Call for relief today!

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