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Invisalign For Teenagers

As dental professionals, we understand that teenagers are sensitive about their appearance and that the idea of having metal braces may not be great for their reputation. For those who would prefer to go through orthodontic treatment unscathed, a great option to consider is Invisalign Teen.

What Is Invisalign Teen?
Invisalign Teen clear aligner therapy gives the same results as traditional Invisalign with the added benefit of having a built-in tracking feature.

Since teenagers live busy lives with sports, jobs, and other after-school activities, it can be hard for them to remember to wear their aligners.

The tracker that is on each aligner shows when a pair of trays have been worn enough to be effective, and signals when they should move on to wearing the next set. It’s proven to be a great tool for patients, parents, and orthodontists!

How Invisalign Teen Works
Like we’ve already mentioned, the way Invisalign Teen functions is practically the same as regular Invisalign.

The aligners still need to be worn for about two weeks, for a minimum of 22 hours per day. They look identical as conventional Invisalign, with the exception of the built-in indicator. They feel the same too! You’ll visit our Encino dentist periodically to check your progress and be given more aligners to wear.

Also, when you’re done with treatment, you’ll wear a retainer to keep your teeth straight.

Where to Get Invisalign Teen in Encino
The professional team of Encino Dental Studio offers state of the art orthodontic treatment like Invisalign and Invisalign Teen to the residents of San Fernando Valley, including Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, and surrounding areas.

If you’ve been looking for a dentist that can provide you will all of your dental needs, then look no further! Visit us today for a straighter smile for your teen (or yourself!)

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