How to Find the Best Dentist in Encino

When you’re searching for the best dentist in Encino, the list may seem overwhelming. Here are some easy and effective ways to narrow down your choices.

Does the Dentist Take Your Insurance?

Surprise - your dentist may take your insurance even if they’re not “in network”. So, if you hear great things about a dentist, ask if they accept your plan and file claims. Even if they’re not part of a negotiated contract with your specific insurance company, the price may not be all that different.

What Age Patients are Accepted?

Some family dentists see patients of all ages, including young children. Others only focus on adults. If you want to bring everyone to the same dentist (both for convenience’s sake as well as having a central dental home) then look for someone who treats multiple generations under one roof.

Asking for Recommendations

Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the best ways to find a great dentist in Encino. Asking your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or other acquaintances who they see for dental care is a great way to whittle down the list of options. If you hear the same name used repeatedly, that’s a great sign.

Scheduling a Consultation

A dental consultation is a brief, no-pressure visit where you can discuss a specific concern and get a general feel of the office environment. If the dentist seems like a good fit, their office is friendly, and you feel comfortable with what they have to offer, then you can schedule the next appointment (such as a cleaning or filling.) It’s a great
way to “interview” your new dental provider!

At Encino Dental Studio, we’re committed to providing gentle, affordable, high-quality oral health care for all ages. Call today to schedule the entire family!

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