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How Often Should You Get A Professional Teeth Cleaning and Exam?

If you have good oral hygiene habits and a healthy mouth (or aren’t experiencing any pain) then you don’t need to see a dentist in Encino, right? Wrong.

Encino Dental Cleanings

Say you do go in for a dental cleaning and your mouth is spick and span. As early as one day after your professional teeth cleaning, your body begins to form more plaque. If it doesn’t get removed properly the plaque begins to harden or calcify.

This process does happen gradually. So much to the fact that you may not even realize it’s taking place. Since calculus is hard and colored just like your natural teeth, it can be difficult to spot. It’s also impossible to remove with the tools that you have at home. Therefore, it’s imperative that you visit your dental hygienist regularly for a professional tooth cleaning.

It’s recommended that the average person have a cleaning done every six months. Some people that lack good oral hygiene for whatever reason, or those that are in braces, may need to come in to see our Encino dentist more often. In this case, up four times per year is recommended.

Dental Exams

As a part of your dental cleaning, we’ll take x-rays of your teeth and then you’ll be evaluated by our Encino dentist. These regular visits are important because not all tooth problems come with symptoms. Many conditions that require attention can show up in an x-ray that might otherwise be undetectable.

Our dentist will also check for other conditions like jaw joint problems, gum recession, wear on your teeth, or suspicious lesions that could be something severe, such as oral cancer.

Dentist in Encino, CA

Dr. Amir Jamsheed wants to ensure that your oral health is a priority and we’re here to help you do just that. If it’s time for your dental cleaning and checkup, then call Encino Dental Studio today to schedule. We look forward to seeing you!

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