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Four Tips to Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy

As a busy parent or caregiver, you know that there’s a lot you have to do to help your child stay healthy. From immunizations and well checks to making sure their clothes fit them during the next growth spurt, there’s a lot to keep up with. Caring for their smile is just one of them.

Here are some important steps that Encino families should be following to help their children enjoy healthy teeth:

Schedule Their First Checkup at a Young Age

The earlier your child sees our Encino family dentist, the less likely they will be to experience issues like dental phobia, dental emergencies, or cavities. We want that first visit to be upbeat and positive. When it’s simple and preventative in nature, there’s less of an opportunity for your child to get scared about their appointment. Plus, Dr. Jamsheed can intercept issues when they’re smaller and less invasive to treat!

Help Them Brush and Floss

Until your child can tie their own shoes, you should be helping them brush and floss. But let them practice on their own, even if they want to! As your child gains better dexterity, you can start following up behind them to make sure they’re cleaning their teeth effectively.

Schedule an Orthodontic Evaluation by Age 7

At this age, most kids have a combination of adult and baby teeth. It’s a good point in development to see if any future orthodontic concerns will be at play.

Ask About Dental Sealants

To prevent cavities in back teeth, it helps to have fissure sealants added to permanent molars as soon as they erupt. Usually this is around the ages of 6 and 12.

Call Our Encino Family Dentist

Are you or your child due for a dental checkup? Our dentist in Encino offers gentle, family-friendly care for all ages. Call Encino Dental Studio today to make an appointment!

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