Four Things You Didn't Know About Dental Implants

Have you always assumed that dental implants were an intensive treatment reserved for only the most elite of dental patients? It’s not true! Thanks to the modern advancement in implant design and technology over the past decade, these artificial teeth are easier and more predictable to place than ever before.


In fact, here are 4 things you might not have known about implants:

  1. Implants are Stronger Than Teeth


Each implant is made from titanium: a material that is extremely biocompatible and frequently used for joint replacement. As such, it’s even stronger than the healthiest of bone. But don’t worry, we’ll top your implant off with a porcelain crown that works nicely with the rest of your teeth.

  1. Getting Implants Isn’t Painful


Did you know that most people consider having dental implant surgery easier than getting a tooth pulled? That’s because there aren’t any nerve endings inside of your bone. It’s straightforward and routine, just like other dental work. Plus, thanks to great medications, you can relax and not have to feel a thing.

  1. Your Implants Can Last for LIFE


You heard that right. When properly cleaned and maintained like natural teeth, your dental implants should last for an entire lifetime. They have the highest success rating of any dental procedure — 98%!

  1. They’re a Cost-Effective Solution

Let’s say that you opt to have a bridge made to replace your missing tooth. Most bridges are going to last for approximately a decade before they give out and need to be replaced. Implants don’t, saving you valuable time and money. 

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