Four superfoods for Your Smile

Every six months or so, there’s a new “superfood” making news and social media headlines. Your favorite blogger will share a recipe or two, and the prices in the grocery store will sky-rocket (does anyone else remember when kale cost a quarter of the current price?) Your mouth is a microcosm of the rest of your body’s health, and there are superfoods you should be eating for your smile, too!

CHEESE:  Dairy products contain calcium and phosphate, both of which nourish and strengthen your teeth.  Cheese in particular helps you produce saliva that reduces the sugars that allow plaque to form.  Eating a small piece of cheese as the final bite of your meal is a good practice!

CHOCOLATE: Not sugary milk chocolate, but 70% (or more) cacao chocolate.  Dark chocolate contains a compound called CBH.  Studies show this compound helps to strengthen enamel.

ORANGES: Aside from the fiber content that helps scrub away food particles, the vitamin C found in oranges strengthens the connective tissues found between your teeth and gums, slowing down gum disease. Just be sure not to drink too much of it, otherwise the acid content could irritate your enamel.

WATER: We’ve all heard how you need to drink 8 glasses of water every day for health.  Water is very important for your oral health, as well.  Not only does water rinse away food particles stuck in your teeth, but staying hydrated prevents dry mouth.  Dry mouth is uncomfortable, gives you bad breath, and is a breeding ground for the kind of bacteria that want to destroy your teeth and gums. A bottle of tap water also contains fluoride to combat tooth decay.

Even when you’re eating right for your oral or overall health, you still need to have regular cleanings and exams to ensure the strongest teeth possible. Call our Encino office today to schedule your next check up!

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