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Five Signs of Tooth Decay

Cavities aren’t always obvious. Although toothaches or pain coming from a specific part of your mouth are red-flags for decay, discomfort isn’t the determining factor.

Here are five other signs of cavities that our Encino dentist warns you should be on the lookout for.

1. Something Feeling “Off” with Your Tooth

Sometimes the most obvious symptom of cavities isn’t all that obvious at all. Instead, your tooth simply feels funny or not like it usually does.

2. Sensitivity When You Bite Down

Cracks or cavities can alter the integrity of your tooth when you’re chewing and biting into foods. When pressure is applied — or right after you release — you could feel a “twinge” coming from that area.

3. Certain Foods Irritating Your Tooth

Sweetened drinks or foods (not necessarily candy) tend to set off cavities. If you’re drinking a soda or sports drink, you might feel a jolt coming from a specific part of your mouth. Usually, sweet sensitivity is a red flag for tooth decay.

4. Feeling a Rough Area with Your Tongue

Your tongue is extremely sensitive and can pick up on even the smallest changes to your teeth. If you feel a sharp or rough area that wasn’t there in the past, it could be a cavity.

5. Food Getting Stuck in Your Tooth

Cavities are crater-like openings in the surface of your tooth enamel. As such, they tend to collect food debris when you’re eating. Do you have a certain part of your mouth that you have to floss after each meal? Have our Encino dentist check it during your next appointment.

If you think you have a cavity, be sure to call our dentist in Encino. The sooner Dr. Jamsheed intercepts the decay, the smaller and more affordable the dental filling will be!

Call Encino Dental Studio today.

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