Five Hidden Dangers of Gum Disease

If you’re under 40, you probably haven’t given much thought to your gums. Any thoughts you have had probably went something like this, “Hmm. My gums bled a little while I brushed my teeth. Better make sure to rinse good.” or “I need to find a toothpick or some floss to get that Chinese from last night out from between my teeth!”

But your gingival tissue, or gums, is delicate and important to the health of your mouth and your body.  Inflammation, deterioration, and disease can destroy the tissue that protects your teeth.  Not only can it harm your oral health, but gum disease has also been linked to other major health issues like:

Heart Disease and Stroke: There’s a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and heart attack for people with gum disease.  

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This autoimmune disease causes inflammation and pain in the joints. When you have RA, you are much more likely to have gum disease.

Infertility: Although the cause is not certain, there is a link between infertility and gum disease, possible due to the inflammatory strain to your body. It affects both men and women.

Premature Birth: Moms with gum disease are more likely to deliver early than moms without.

Dementia: Research shows that the worse the gum disease, the worse the memory.  

The good news is that gum disease can be found early and treated. At Encino Dental we perform your periodontal exam with each 6 month exam. We’ll check the depth of the pockets and help you get them back into healthy ranges.  If you’re concerned about your gums, or just need to make a regular appointment, call Encino Dental to set up a time to come in!

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