Finding an Emergency Dentist in Encino

Finding an Emergency Dentist in Encino

Dental pain is one of the very worst kinds of pain a person can experience (if not 2nd right behind an earache.)  It radiates from the damaged tooth through your jaw, your sinuses, your ear, into your head.  


If it’s bad enough, you won’t even be able to think or sleep. Don’t let it get that far. Get to our Encino emergency dentist at the first sign of tooth pain.


Other emergencies that we frequently treat include:



For any of these, it is especially important that you seek a dentist who keeps emergency hours, so that you can be seen right away. 


It is also very important to use clean hands when handling any tooth fragments. Put your knocked out tooth in a small cup of milk or contact solution, but be careful not to scrub it clean. Call us immediately.


“But my dentist doesn’t have emergency hours!” and “You have to schedule appointments months in advance in order to get in!” We hear you, and that’s why we keep appointments available specifically for emergency care. After all, they’re going to happen when you least expect them.


Whether you are experiencing a sharp toothache, or your child has a knocked-out tooth from their soccer game, you need to get to the dentist ASAP.  Dental care is not something that you can put off to the back burner.  Your teeth won’t get better, and the prognosis will only get worse.  


Call Dr. Jamsheed’s Encino office today. We’ll get you in as quickly as possible!


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