Do I Have to Replace My Extracted Tooth?

Do I Have to Replace My Extracted Tooth?

So, you had to have a tooth extracted and now you’re wondering what to do next.  There’s a part of you that says, “Its a molar in the back. No one is going to see it. Maybe I’ll just let it go.” Sure, that’s a less expensive plan, but the reality is that you need your teeth.

Here are three reasons why:

They’re vital to digestion: You knew that, right? The more you chew and break down your food, the easier it digests in your stomach. When you don’t have all your teeth in place, you could swallow pieces that are too big to break down easily.

They keep your smile aligned. Pulling a tooth, even one in the back, can have dire consequences for your smile and bite alignment.  Maybe not in the next month, but over time. You’ll start noticing a little more of a gap where there never was one before; a tooth that used to be straight is starting to rotate or look crooked. This happens when your teeth have space and the lack of support that allows them to move.

They keep your jaw healthy and your facial structure youthful.  Extracting teeth without replacing them allows your jaw to lose bone mass and to shrink.  Lose enough bone structure in your jaw, and your remaining teeth fail as well. It is typically the reason for that shallow, hollowed out look you might associate with black and white pictures of older people with no teeth.

Encino Dental Center offers different options to replace your missing tooth. From bridges to dentures and fixed dental implants, we can find the best option for you.  When you’re ready to give your smile the best care possible, schedule your appointment with Dr. Amir Jamsheed!

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