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Dental Insurance: Use it Before You Lose It

Each year, your dental insurance benefits “expire” and reset to the next calendar year. For most insurance plans, that’s December 31st/January 1st.

On New Years’ Day, your benefits reset. Everything goes back to zero. In other words, you’re working from a full allowance again, without any charges to your insurance balance. For some carriers, the date is a different time in the year, but most are January to December.

Whatever allowance you have left on your yearly benefits that goes unused doesn’t roll over to the next year’s benefits. It’s gone for good. If you don’t use it, you lose it. So, if you’re still entitled to another cleaning or you were planning on using your restorative benefits toward getting dental implants, it’s important to take advantage of them before they’re a thing of the past.

With COVID, most people had to delay their dental care during mandated shutdowns.

Not only did this throw off routine exam and cleaning appointments, it also created a backlog in scheduling treatments in the coming months. Our Encino dentist office has worked tirelessly to ensure that our patients can access efficient care when they need it. That’s why we’re reminding our patients that benefits expire at the end of December…and it’s just a matter of weeks away.

Whether you’re planning a smile makeover or just need to catch up on your checkup, we encourage you to contact our Encino dentist office as quickly as possible. That way you can get scheduled before our end-of-the-year appointments fill up completely. The earlier we see you, the sooner you can utilize your remaining insurance benefits before they expire.

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