Dental Fear: Real or Myth?

Dental Fear: Real or Myth?

At Encino Dental Studio, we know for a fact that dental anxiety, or fear, is a real thing. The office has noisy tools, unknown smells, and you lay back to have someone else’s hands in your mouth; it can be a lot to take in!

If you’ve ever had a negative experience at the dentist’s office, especially as a child, the environment can trigger feelings that are intense and threatening. But your dental health is too important to put off. So, we offer three suggestions to ease your discomfort while visiting our family dental practice.

Deep Breathing and Visualization: Deep focused breathing and visualization as a relaxation technique can decrease your fight, flight, or freeze response. This may allow you to move through your appointment without a panic attack. Practice it before your visit, so your body and mind are ready to become calm and quiet when you arrive at our Encino office.

Bring A Friend: If you have a friend you trust to help you through uncomfortable situations, ask them to come along with you. They may be able to calm and focus your mind or provide a distraction for you as a way to handle your anxiety. Either way, they are welcome to accompany you!

Try Sedation: Oral conscious sedation is one of the best techniques to relieve your anxiety during a dental visit.  Let our office know you want it before your appointment. Then arrive about 30-45 minutes early so we can administer the medication. The sedative will make you sleepy, but not so sleepy you can’t respond to the dentist. Many patients don’t even remember their appointments afterward!

Dental anxiety is no laughing matter. It can cause people to not visit the dentist for years!  If you have a fear of the dentist and live in the Encino area, call Dr. Jamsheed today to schedule your next appointment with our gentle and understanding team.

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