Dental Emergencies and Your Wallet

You’re sitting at your desk one afternoon, noshing some popcorn as an afternoon snack when, “Crunch!”  You managed to bite down on a kernel and break one of your teeth.  That’s a dentist appointment you weren’t counting on!  What do you do now?

First things first, call Encino Dental Studio. A broken tooth or extreme tooth pain needs to be examined by Dr. Jamsheed.  He’ll make sure you get the restorative care you need! A broken tooth may need a crown or even more extensive restorative care, like a root canal.

You Need Dental Care, Even When Your Insurance Has Paid Out

“But wait,” you think, “how am I going to pay for this?! I used up my dental benefit last month with the bridgework that I had planned for a year!”

No worries, there’s a way for you to get the treatment you need without breaking the bank or your budget! Dental financing is available through third party lenders like CareCredit.

Financing is an easy way to pay for your dental work. CareCredit, for instance, can offer you a low or no interest payment plan.  You can get your root canal or crown now when you need it, before time makes your teeth worse. We’ll help you get the application completed and transmitted so you can schedule the recommended treatment.

Whether you use a third party lender like CareCredit or put surprise dental costs on a credit card, it is so important to take care of your teeth immediately when you suspect you have a problem. At the very least, we can provide an emergency exam so you know what type of procedure and cost to expect. And if you do decide to use a third party lender, we’ll even help you get started. Call our Encino office to schedule your appointment today!

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