Common Summertime Dental Emergencies

Did you know that summer is one of the most common times of the year to see dental emergencies in Encino? Not only is it because kids are officially out of school, but people of all ages are more likely to get involved in outdoor activities and recreational sports. As such, they’re more than likely to find themselves in situations where
accidents, bumps, falls, hits, and other injuries occur on a frequent basis.

At Encino Dental Studio, the summer usually brings a rise in dental emergencies like:

Broken or Knocked Out Teeth

When it comes to broken teeth, time is of the essence. Call our Encino dentist immediately, as we need to see you within the next hour if possible. Try to find your broken tooth fragment and store it in a cup of milk or contact solution (then bring it with you.)

Busted Lips and Tongue/Cheek Lacerations

Your teeth are sharp. So, when you take a hit to the mouth, it’s common to see heavy bleeding in your lips, cheeks, and tongue. Apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth. If it doesn’t subside, call our office.

Jaw Injuries and Concussions

Concussions and broken jaws are common injuries in contact sports, but they can also happen in activities like cycling/biking, baseball, soccer, etc. Wearing a customized mouthguard can help.


Indulging in a snow cone to stay cool? The sugar may cause that undiagnosed cavity to flare up and send a “zing” through your mouth that really catches your attention. Since sweet sensitivity is a red flag for cavities, those summertime indulgences may alert you to a bigger issue that’s going on.

Need an emergency dentist in Encino? Call Dr. Amir Jamsheed at Encino Dental Studio today! We’re here to help you get out of pain as quickly as possible.

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