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Can I Get Emergency Dental Treatment in Encino?

Due to COVID-19 closures, most people are hesitant to so much as step foot inside of a medical office, hospital, emergency room, or urgent care center. So, what happens if you’re in excruciating pain because of a dental emergency? You call our Encino dentist office!

Even though you might not see us operating under traditional business hours, our Encino dentist is available to take your call 7-days-a-week and meet you up at our practice to arrange emergency care as needed.

During your emergency dental appointment, we’ll take appropriate measures to ensure your safety at all times. We ask that upon arrival, you wait in your car and call our office. Someone will meet you at the door to escort you directly to the treatment area, minimizing your chances of interacting with any unnecessary third parties.

Since you’ll be the only patient that we’re seeing, you can rest assured that we’re taking every precaution to minimize social interactions and preserve social distancing guidelines. Dr. Jamsheed will be able to attend to your tooth pain right then and there, helping you find immediate toothache relieve and keeping the future of your smile’s health in focus.

Before COVID-19, emergency dental appointments usually involved trying to fit you into a busy schedule as soon as you could get to a dentist’s office. When you visit Encino Dental Studio, you’ll have faster access to care and the undivided attention of our staff. Depending on the nature of your toothache, we may even be able to complete your entire treatment right there on the spot.

Going forward, we’re not sure exactly how dentistry is going to change in response to COVID-19. But rest assured, you can still get high-quality emergency care for your entire family right here in Encino.

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