Big Benefits of Investing in Dental Implants

Maybe you’ve looked into dental implants and decide that they were just too much to spend on your teeth. Or your insurance company pays a larger percentage for dentures than implants so you’re planning to go that direction. But dental implants are a superior restorative treatment that you should seriously consider. Here’s why:

Jaw Stability: The bone density of your upper and lower jaws is affected by lost teeth. When no teeth, natural or implanted, are present, the bone gets thinner, which can have an effect on the placement of remaining teeth. Dental implants are typically a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into your jaw and covered by a crown. Simply having a tooth in your jaw prevents the bone from narrowing. A denture can’t do that!

Permanent Prosthesis: Between the narrowed ridge of your jaw, normal bite forces when you chew, and the extra spaces, your remaining teeth are more likely to shift or tilt out of place. One small tooth out of alignment can cause big pain: uneven bite surface, jaw pain, and even headaches. An implant holds the place of the missing tooth, supporting the arch and the bite forces that can cause teeth to move.

No slippage: If you’re considering dentures, think about the last time you ate or talked to someone with them. No matter how well fitted they are, they can slip around the mouth easily, making noises, interfering with their everyday meals, or altering their speech. Dental implants are permanent teeth that don’t come out or off. So you can chew, talk, and smile with confidence!

If you’re debating between your options, make an appointment with Dr. Amir Jamsheed for a free consultation.  It’s important that you have all the relevant information before you make that final decision.  Contact Encino Dental Studio today!

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