Back To School Countdown

Throughout the United States, a loud cheer rises as parents send their children back to school. You have bought the pens, pencils, paper, Kleenex and disinfectant wipes for them to take to the teachers. You’ve walked them to the new bus stop, so they know where it is.  Bedtimes and morning alarms are about to be re-instated. You scheduled their physical and made sure they were healthy and up to date on all of their shots.

Did you think about their teeth, too?  No?  Maybe you should.  

Breaking Bad (Habits)

Life is more relaxed in the summer. Kids stay up later, & sleep in longer. If you were constantly on the go, you probably went through the drive through more than usual.  Maybe you started counting pools and sprinklers as bathing!

Did your kids’ dental habits relax too? This is especially concerning for your younger school aged kids when their baby teeth have wiggled free and adult teeth have grown in, as well as for your 12-13 year olds after the second molars appear. It’s important to re-establish healthy teeth habits so your kids can keep their permanent teeth for the rest of their lives!

Get Back On Track

When you bring your child for a cleaning, we will also examine his teeth for cavities and for age appropriate development. If the jaw is underdeveloped or the teeth are crowding, we can begin talking about orthodontic treatment.  Additionally, we can provide protective sealants,  a clear coating that, when applied to the teeth, protects them from cavities.

Dr. Jamsheed can talk to your kids about how and when to brush and floss, and even give a demonstration We’ll give your kids that best possible start to the school year: healthy, white smiles (important for picture day!) and a boost of confidence. Schedule your back-to-school appointment today!

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