Are Affordable Smile Makeovers Possible?

If you’ve been wanting to enhance the way your teeth look, you might be wondering if Encino cosmetic dentistry will fit your budget. At Encino Dental Studio, we’re here to tell you that there’s a smile makeover option for every budget!

Start with Whitening

Teeth whitening is a fast and affordable way to enhance your smile. In fact, we recommend bleaching your teeth before starting other cosmetic treatments. Having whiter tooth enamel will give your smile that healthy, youthful glow you’re looking for.

Whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments in Encino. You can choose between a custom take-home kit or a same-day procedure done right here in our office.

Ask About Tooth Recontouring

Do you have a few uneven edges or teeth that just look atypical? It might be possible to smooth them out so that they don’t stand out. Recontouring is quick and comfortable.

Need a Little Bonding?

Next to dental veneers, cosmetic bonding can have one of the biggest impacts on the way your teeth look. Bonding uses tooth-colored composite to cover or build up areas affected by:

• Gaps
• Chipped teeth
• Pitted enamel
• Uneven edges

Bonding doesn’t require any numbing, so you’ll feel comfortable from start to finish.

Making Adjustments to Your Gumlines

Gummy smiles can make your teeth look short or lopsided. Fortunately, it’s possible to have them corrected so that your smile looks more proportionate. Some of the most popular ways to fix uneven gumlines include gingivectomies with a laser, or administering Botox to the muscle just behind your upper lip.

Get a Custom Consultation

Call Encino Dental Studio today to schedule an exam with Dr. Amir Jamsheed. We’ll walk you through your options to help you find a solution that fits your timeline, budget, and smile goals. Flexible payment plans are available!

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