An Explanation Of Dental Insurance Benefits

Dental insurance plans are available to most patients through their employer. There is a monthly premium that you pay which is automatically taken out of your paycheck. When you go to the dentist you present them with your insurance card and their insurance specialist will apply your benefits to whatever treatment you’re having done. This usually results in you not having to pay as much for dental work. It’s that simple. But what exactly are the benefits that you’re getting from having dental insurance and how does it all work? Let’s find out.

Your Deductible

A deductible is a small fee that you’ll pay once per year the first time that you have dental work done. Usually, this amount isn’t over around $100. It doesn’t apply to services such as regular cleanings or exams. Rather, it’s due when you have treatments such as extractions or crowns.

Your Co-payment

Dental insurance will help pay toward your dental work. The amount of your co-payment will depend on the type of treatment you’re getting done. For example, for root canal therapy you may have to pay 20% of the total cost. If you’re getting a white filling, you might be looking at a 50% co-pay.

Yearly Maximum

Your insurance plan will have a yearly maximum. Let’s say this amount is $1,000. This means that they will help pay toward $1,000 of your dental care per calendar year and not a penny more. If you have a lot of dental work that you need to have done, you should keep in mind that dental insurance plans have their limitations.

Understanding Your Dental Insurance Benefits

If you’re in need of dental work and have questions about your insurance benefits, then come see Encino Dental Studio. We’ll be glad to discuss the details of your plan with you and help you get your finances in order. We look forward to meeting you!

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